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State of the Cloud 2023 with Bessemer Venture Partners
on SaaStr

There’s been a pivot from growth at all costs to driving profitability. Today, the top 10 highest BVP Cloud Index companies are driving an average of 14% free cash flow, double from just a year ago for the same companies. The efforts to drive profitability aren’t going unnoticed. They’re being rewarded. At the peak of bull market exuberance at the end of 2021, a 1% improvement in revenue growth had the same impact on valuations as a 6% improvement in free cash flow margin. Said another way, growth was more important than profitability by a factor of 6 at the height of bull markets. Today, this ratio is closer to 2:1. It’s still in favor of growth, but it’s more balanced today. A 1% improvement in revenue growth today has the same impact on valuations as a 2% improvement in free cash flow margin.

2023 Spending Benchmarks for Private B2B SaaS Companies
by SaaS Capital

The total median spend across all departments is 91% of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for bootstrapped companies while equity-backed are spending 120% of ARR. Based on the total median spend, 80% of bootstrapped companies are operating at breakeven or are profitable while only 32% of equity-backed are breakeven or profitable. Or said another way, 20% of bootstrapped companies are operating at a loss while 68% of equity-backed are operating at a loss.

Domo: Cautionary Tale of Hype & Inefficiency
On OnlyCFO’s Software World

The point of this post is not to kick Domo while they have been down for the past 5 years — they have been doing that pretty well themselves. But rather illustrate the issues and provide their story as a cautionary tale to both operators and investors. Domo was an early example of a software company being over funded and overvalued, but there are a TON of companies today on a very similar path to Domo. Extreme inefficiency and weak revenue growth endurance are related and will be incredibly common with these companies. Many will hit a growth wall and struggle to ever have meaningful profits.

4 Key Takeaways from the AI Panel at Saastr 2023
by Tomasz Tunguz

Four key takeaways:
▪️ First, large language models like GPT-3 are making AI accessible to the masses.
▪️ Second, education represents a huge opportunity for AI.
▪️ Third, AI-generated images saw breakout success this year.
▪️ Finally, there’s debate around who will tune AI software.


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